Focused Sectors

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Focused Sectors

Our investment team has accumulated decades of investment and operating experience, deep industry knowledge and strong connections with top entrepreneurs and executives in these sectors. Furthermore, for each of these sectors, our team has identified a host of investment themes shaping the evolution of related markets and has developed the industry-specific investment criteria

Consumer and Retail

  • Large and growing end-market
  • Market leader with strong brand equity
  • Mastery of logistics and distribution channels
  • Economies of scale
  • Platform with consolidation opportunities
  • Robust cash flow
  • Effectively leverage information technology

  • Financial Services

  • Strong regulatory know-how
  • Recurring revenue for transaction-based operational model
  • Access to competitive source of funding
  • Robust risk management system
  • Effective talent retention system

  • Healthcare

  • Competitive strength in sizable therapeutic areas
  • Strong regulatory know-how
  • Strong R&D capabilities and intellectual property rights
  • High gross margin to support sales and marketing costs
  • Clear value proposition to compete with multinational companies

  • Media and Technology

  • Innovation and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Beneficiary of network effects
  • Solid and sustainable business model
  • First-mover advantage
  • Asset-light model with strong operating leverage
  • Local advantage in deregulation of media industry