Environmental, Social
and Governance

Boyu recognizes the importance of environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) factors and believes that incorporating consideration of material ESG risks into our investment and risk management processes can drive long-term value.

Our ESG Journey

We have established a firmwide framework with regard to material ESG factors. This framework takes a progressive approach, starting with a focus on climate-related risk management, and monitoring emerging methodologies and practices in the industry that address other ESG risks.

Risk Governance Framework

  • Boyu’s operating committee exercises ultimate oversight
  • An ESG committee establishes detailed policies and procedures
  • An ESG working group monitors ESG risks across the portfolio companies

Investment Management

  • Boyu uses a combination of approaches to monitor climate-related risks across its portfolios
  • Boyu conducts both qualitative and quantitative analysis to assess the relevance and materiality of climate-related risks in its portfolio management processes

Stewardship & Engagement

  • Boyu seeks to engage and collaborate with investors and industry peers to develop industry practices in the field of responsible investment
  • Boyu shall continue its proactive discussions with portfolio companies in respect of ESG matters

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