At the core of our philanthropic endeavors lies a commitment to promoting sustainability and championing responsible citizenship.

Support for Global Plant Conservation with the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

Donations to the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University enabled the establishment of The China Conservation Collaboration Fund and The International Plant Conservation Fund. These funds support the study of biodiversity, germplasm collection and preservation, and conservation efforts for threatened species from around the world, particularly with a focus on the most important biodiverse source in the temperate world, China. Partnering with institutions such as the Beijing Botanical Gardens, Chinese Academy of Sciences Kunming Institute of Botany, and Zhejiang University, the collaboration focuses on activities to support ex-situ conservation and in-situ collections of plant material. The initiative also exemplifies its dedication to global conservation work, emphasizing the importance of partnerships and the exchange of horticulture knowledge between institutions in China and the United States.

Establishing the “Peking University BoWu Scholarship” to Cultivate Next Generation of Cultural Ambassadors

Boyu donated to Peking University to establish the Peking University BoWu Scholarship. The scholarship fosters collaborations between the Department of Chinese Language and Literature and the English Department and has led to the establishment of a dual-degree program.

At the core of this initiative lies a deep aspiration: to foster educational innovation through cross-disciplinary collaboration. By nurturing individuals who possess a profound understanding of Chinese heritage and embrace a global perspective, we aim to cultivate a new generation of cultural ambassadors, who will inherit the essence of Chinese culture and become catalysts for cultural exchange and integration between China and the global community.

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