Zoo Capital is devoted to fuelling innovation in Greater China by funding early-stage companies in innovation technology, life science and go-global companies. Our co-general partner, Boyu Capital shares research and resources while providing assistance to companies together with us.

As the only early-stage venture fund of Boyu

ZooCap shares insights and synergies with Boyu whilst leveraging their advantages in capital, insights and industries.

About Us

  • Since its founding, Boyu Capital has been integral to many now great companies becoming mainstays of their respective industries. As Boyu’s only early-stage fund, Zoo Capital seeks out innovative entrepreneurs in order to support and accompany them in their long-term development.

Our Team

  • ZooCap is founded by persistent entrepreneurs, cross-domain knowledge seekers, and self-driven game changers.
  • ZooCap team shares complementary backgrounds of upbringing, education, and work experience, and at ZooCap we believe that diversity enables us to bring evolving insights and complementary capabilities, ultimately increasing our sensitivity to emerging investment opportunities in a changing world.
  • ZooCap team is young, dynamic, energetic, and ambitious, with a keen sensitivity to the changing demands of the younger generation.

Our Investment Portfolio

Investor Relations

ZooCap shares Boyu’s middle & back office functions, including legal, finance, investor relations, and post-investment management. These shared services adhere to the highest compliance standards, enabling ZooCap to focus on early-stage investment. In turn, ZooCap achieves international standards in internal compliance for our investors and provides full-cycle operation services from start-up to exit by leveraging these capabilities from private equity and buyout.

With years of professional experience in providing continuous service for investors both in China and internationally, Boyu’s middle & back office team is equipped with the best professional service foundations. By sharing this exemplary service team, ZooCap is able to provide the same standard of support to investors in multiple functions, including finance, legal, investor relations, and information security.

Connecting with Us

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